Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tomorrow's Giveaway at Multiples and More!

Hey all! Tomorrow at Multiples and More we are having an awesome giveaway thanks to Andrea at MOBI Technologies. Andrea sent both Lani and I a ton of products to try and review! I already blogged about the MobiCamAv, but I also got to try the Glomate and Universal Visor Mount for my GPS.

My GPS has a HUGE mount that goes with it and I've even gotten the notice from mall security saying that someone will probably break into my car to take my GPS since my mount is, well enormous. I had to laugh when I got the box for this mount because I thought there is no way this will fit my GPS, but sure enough it did! It's great too because you can hide it in your visor so nobody will see it. Another great feature is that it can easily move from car to car. We only have one GPS so we have to share it, and it's just a pain to have to move that massive mount everytime. You can get one for yourself at Mobi's website or Amazon.com or Target.

We also got to try their (Award winning!) Glomate. I haven't given this to the kiddos since the box said 2 and up, so naturally that translated to something I got to play with! I'm not sure if I will ever give this to them, it's AWESOME! It's also really bright, so I had to move it out of the kitchen when I charged it. An awesome feature with this is if your lights go out, this automatically kicks in. The charge on it lasts for 10 hours as well. This is going to be the perfect light source for hurricane season! You can also choose which color you want it to be, or you can have it cycle through all the colors if you are indecisive (like myself).

Don't forget about the giveaway tomorrow at Multiples and More! I'm not going to tell you what we are giving away, you'll have to wait and check it out tomorrow! Hope you're having a great Tuesday!
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