Friday, August 21, 2009

Girl's Day and a Cable Guy

I got to have a girls day with Mimi today! We went to the Carter's store because they are having their 50% off sale and we had a coupon for an additional 20% off. The only bummer was that the big clearance section was only sizes newborn-18 months. Sigh...

Jill made out like a total bandit because the store is 75% girls clothing. I cannot wait for fall to come so she can wear all of those adorable outfits! Poor Aaron's size (2t in case you were wondering) is only 2% of the store, and that's being generous. But he actually got a good amount of clothes, he's going to look like such a little man!

After shopping we went for lunch at Olive Garden, it was like old times! Mimi and I used to go to lunch all the time before the kiddos were born and Olive Garden was one of our favorites. There is nothing like a salad, basket of bread sticks and pasta fagioli. Mmmmmm!

When I got home the guy from Brighthouse was here to set up cable for the kiddos new TV. I really felt bad for the guy thought. Of course we wanted it in the least convenient location for him. Our office already has a cable jack, but it's being used for our modem and they say that if you hook the cable up to it as well then it messes up your signal. Possibly true, possibly a way to make an extra $60, I'm going with the latter on this one. Anyway, the guy comes out, sees the location problem and decides to drill another whole from the outside of our house inside (YAY! Sigh...). Well during the drilling process the heavens opened and we got on of our lovely afternoon showers. I'm sorry, not shower, torrential downpour. This guy was a trooper though and worked through the storm, which the kids loved because they got to watch the rain fall and some funny man in a bright yellow coat drill a whole in their house. So now they have cable for their TV! Yay!

Other than that not much happened today. Hope your day was great!

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Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Our girls are so happy when a repair man comes - they watch, ask questions, etc. Kids are so funny!
And YUM on the Olive Garden - Love it!

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