Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday and our trip to the Aquarium


Time for Thanksgiving Thursday! This week I am thankful for...
  • Scott's test going well today!
  • Our annual pass to the Aquarium. It definitely makes for a good day trip!
  • Project Runway being back! Yahoo!!!
  • Our supermarket trying to bring in new business by giving us $10 off coupons.
  • Scott finally programming my garage door opener in the car.
  • Everyone around us who supports us.
  • Tylenol PM, it's the only way I sleep when someone (*cough* *cough* SCOTT) gets on their snoring kicks.
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So like I said before we went to the Florida Aquarium yesterday with the kiddos. We definitely needed to get out of the house, but needed something to do indoors. Luckily the Aquarium isn't that far away so we headed out after lunch.

When we got off the escalator Jill immediately started pointing at saying "What's that!?" and Aaron couldn't wait to get down and run around. Jill at least stopped to look at the fish, but Aaron was off and running. Unless I was holding him, he didn't see any fish.

Aaron and I took off ahead of Scott and Jill and at one point I heard "Did you see that little girl go after that bird?" I had to turn around, and just as I feared, the only little girl anywhere near the bird in question was Jill. least the bird is used to precocious children, right? And thankful there were no staff members around to kindly escort us out.

Here are some photos from our day....
The last photo is Aaron going through the fog curtain that they have. Clearly, he was not a fan.

Here is a video of Aaron playing in Jill's Cozy Coupe after we got home:

Hope you're having a great day!

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Andreina said...

Great pictures!!!!! Looks like you guys had a good time and escaped the FL heat!

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