Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Evan and Taylor!

We had a great time at the Pierce birthday party today! It is so hard to believe that Evan and Taylor are one already! The party was at Kelly Park where Rock Springs is. I'd never been there before so it was neat to check it out and see another new area of Central Florida. Naturally I took zero photos while I was there, so sorry about that.

Jill wanted NOTHING to do with the playard and had her Daddy on the run. Aaron hung out with all the boys though and had a good time. We only stayed at the party for a little bit because Jill definitely became a cranky pants. She fell right asleep once she got in the car though. But for the short time we were there we had a great time, thank you Melissa and Adam!

Now onto something completely off topic, have any of you watched the show Whale Wars on Animal Planet??? If not you need to! It's amazing! It's all about these animal activists called the Sea Shepherds who follow Japanese whalers and try to prevent them from killing whales in Antarctica. The captain of the Sea Shepherds was kicked out of Green Peace, that's how hardcore he is. It's on Friday nights at 9pm EST and the season finale is next week.

Ok enough of the randomness. That's about it over here, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that my little nephew is on Facebook. Ha ha! Gosh I'm old!

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