Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm sorry what was that word?

I had a board meeting tonight for our local MoM's group and while I was heading there I stopped to get something to drink at the gas station. Seriously, this is some of the finest people watching around. I wasn't even out of my car yet when it happened. I seriously couldn't get out fast enough to hear what the woman (super pregnant by the way) was yelling across the gas station at her husband. Now I will warn you, you may possibly lose some brain cells while reading what she said....you have been warned.

So I jump out of my car (quite literally I was that excited to hear what was going to be said) and slowly close the door. Then super pregnant lady yells, "Did it turneddid on? HUH??? Hey! Did it turneddid on yet?" Oh I wish that was a typo. Turneddid? Where does one learn such a word? What does this word mean? OHHHHHH did you mean, "Did it turn it on?" Again, sorry you lost some brain cells, but it gets better.

I get inside, grab my beverage, and head to check out. Hmmm problem, no cashiers....at all. Oh wait, is that who was outside sweeping the sidewalk while watching the pregnant woman scream across the gas station? Yup, that would be them. So there's about 4 of us in line when the preggers finally comes in with the cashiers. So people are moving through quickly (very nice) and then preggers with her 42 different pieces of hard candy and gum hits the counter. "Can I get $5 on pump 5?" Whoa wait. You hadn't paid yet and were wondering why the pump didn't turn on???? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! This is not possible!

I wonder how many brain cells I lost from typing this experience. And just think folks she's having a baby, maybe a future Senator or House Rep? Fingers crossed :)

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Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Ha! I Love gas station people! Love it!

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