Sunday, August 23, 2009

Multiples and More Question of the Week and then some!

This week's question is:

What is your favorite back to school memory?

Since my kiddos are still too young for school I'll talk about when I was in school (of course in a few years my children will probably ask if there were dinosaurs...sigh). I have to say my favorite memory was going shoe shopping with my Mom. We always went to the same store, and it was definitely a big deal. I remember exactly how that store looked, and how it smelled to this day. I remember the coolest thing about that place was there were mirrors close to the floor so you could see your shoes and how they looked. One year I got saddle shoes, and I thought I was the coolest kid ever because my Mom used to wear shoes like that when she went to school.

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In other news....

The kiddos are learning more signs. I keep meaning to post this, but somehow always forget. I now have to make myself a list throughout the day so I know what I need to mention, I'm seriously getting old. Anyway, the kiddos now sign "more", which is very exciting! Aaron went up to the gate the other day, signed "more" to have another Nilla wafer and I was just so proud of him I had to give it to him, even though he had just had a few. Well the stinker then drops in on the floor for Morgan! Sneaky kid! Jill has been doing "more" for a while now, but sometimes it's hard to tell if she's doing "more" or "ball" since they are similar. But here are the signs they do now:
Jill: Dog (her favorite), Bear, More, Ball and Cold
Aaron: Dog and More

I'm sure Aaron does more signs, I just haven't picked up on it yet. They are also talking a lot more. Jill can say: Dog, Dadda, Mama, What's that, hi, boom, stomp, and down. Again, I'm totally positive there are more words in there somewhere, I just can't figure out what they are. Aaron can say: Dadda, Mama, and hi. Aaron's a pretty quiet kid, but with Jill for a sister he doesn't really have a choice. We're trying to get him to talk more, well I shouldn't say talk more, say more actual words. He babbles all the time, just not actual words. The doctor didn't seem too concerned at the last appointment, she said boys tend to talk more later on.

Mimi and PawPaw came over last night so Scott and I could go to church. We do get a little flack for not bringing the kids, but I know my kids and I know they will just want to run up and down the aisle and talk the whole time. Until there is a back room where the kids can be, we probably won't be bringing them. Our Pastor is on vacation so we had a visiting priest, who we've had before (the last time I saw him I was super pregnant with the kiddos which he thought was awesome, he even blessed my belly). Father Gil is pretty cool, he has a way of explaining things that just makes sense. At the Easter mass two years ago he taught us that Easter eggs are like the tomb where Jesus was laid to rest and that the bunny is like the Apostle's running to tell everyone that Jesus had risen. Good stuff, huh? Last night he explained the meaning behind some of the prayers we say and it was just nice to hear it explained. The Catholic faith is something I have known my whole life, so I've never questioned why we say or do certain things. It's nice to have it explained again.

The kiddos kept Mimi and PawPaw entertained the whole time we were gone. I usually keep the iPod on during the day and the kids love it! Jill has two favorite songs on there, and they must always be played. The songs are Josh Turner's "Firecracker" and Dave Matthews Band "Why I Am". Jill had Mimi and PawPaw laughing at her super sweet dance moves!

The kiddos are also really into the Fresh Beat Band (or the artists formally known as the Jump Arounds). Whenever they come on Noggin they immediately stop what they are doing and start dancing along with them. Whoever thought that group up is a genius and I salute you.

Well I should probably stop typing, this post is getting pretty long. Here are some pictures of the kiddos from yesterday and today:
Hope you're having a great day!

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