Thursday, September 24, 2009

Couple new recipes

I was on a cooking kick today, which tends to happen when I go grocery shopping. I made the kiddos avocado and cheese quesadilla's for lunch. They looked and tasted super yummy, but the kiddos didn't want anything to do with them. They were super simple to make, all you need is tortilla's (I use whole wheat), cheese (I used taco blend) and avocado. I put it all together on my panini press and viola!

Then after dinner I made pumpkin-pear muffins. Doesn't sound appealing, but they are insanely delicious! I've been eating them all night, I will probably end up with muffin tops of my own :( I got the recipe from (if you click on the site it'll take you right to the recipe) and instead of doing them in miniature loaves I did muffins. Here's what they looked like when they came out of the oven:

They are insanely yummy and perfect for the season! Ok, well before I go scarf down some more muffins here's some video from the past few days:

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monica said...

Both of those sound delicious! Anything with avocado in it is always good!! and then the muffin's I will have to make some of those!! Thanks for sharing.

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