Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

  • Scott having a job. You tend to forget how hard some people have it and that they cannot find any work. We are so lucky to have Disney, literally, in our backyard and that they are always hiring.
  • Scott in general. I'm a pretty lucky gal and got myself quite the catch :)
  • Jill's Joey Lawrence impression, makes me laugh everytime!
  • Aaron's kisses and the noise he makes when he wants a kiss (he smacks his lips together).
  • Great friends!
  • $10 off coupons at Sweetbay! Keep it up, it's awesome!
  • Great family support around us.
  • The new show Modern Family on ABC. I almost needed to borrow the kids Pampers I was laughing that hard!
  • Catherine has awesome recipes that are whole family friendly. I made the cheesy avocado quesadilla's for the kiddos for lunch and they were yummy. I ended up eating them, the kids could care less.
Play along with Elyse at Following Him.

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