Saturday, September 19, 2009

The evolution of the conversation

Last night a few of us MoM's went to a sushi place for dinner. I love girls nights, I always have, but more so now. I have to say though the conversations have changed over the years. In college we would talk about that cute guy in our class, or what bars we were going to over the weekend (based on ladies get in free and drink specials of course). Once I moved down to Florida and married Scott the conversations changed to stuff about the house, work and when we planned on having kids. Now that I have children the conversations are about strollers, what we found on Craigslist and the secret inner workings of the MoM's club (maybe this is really a sorority?).

After dinner we walked out to our cars and oohed and aahed over one of the MoM's newest find on Craigslist, an awesome barely used stroller. You would have thought we were oogling over a brand new pair of satin and lace Christian Louboutin's (as seen on pg. 174 of the new issue of Elle they are GORGEOUS!). It was at that moment a couple walked by, the girl in her super skinny jeans blissfully unaware that in at least 5 years time this would be her. The skinny jeans would be traded for the ones that suck in your tummy, her trendy top would be traded for one that is not covered in food, spit up, drool or some combination of the three, and her sky high heels would most definitely be replaced by flip flops since those really are the only shoes that fit since her feet will go up at least a size during her pregnancy. Poor girl has no idea what is going to hit her. BAHAHAHAHA!

I wouldn't trade the change in conversation for anything in the world. Sometimes I wish I still had the body I had in college and the balls to the wall attitude from right after I got married, but I wouldn't trade what I have right now for anything else in the world, even those satin and lace shoes!


Andreina said...

nothing like a girls night out!!! ;)
Looks like you guys had a blast!

Christina said...

Great post!!

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