Sunday, September 27, 2009

Food, Wine and a Blackberry in Outer Space

Last night I got to go to EPCOT Food and Wine with my gal pal Jenn. I was pretty excited, this is one of the events I look forward to every year. It's the one place you can try crazy food from all over and not really have to commit to a whole dish, just a sample. I forget how many booths there are throughout the park, but you could make an entire meal out of all the samples. We started our delicious journey in Greece, Athens to be exact and had a spanakopita (spinach, feta cheese in a phyllo crust). It was super yummy, slightly greasy, but really good. We also ate in Munich (apple strudel way yummy!) and Krakow (kielbasa and pierogi naturally). We mainly spent the night walking through all the shops and enjoying our time to do that without struggling with strollers and such. Jenn even got a henna tattoo:

Seriously funny though, she totally flashed the woman at least half a dozen times, I have a feeling that happens often because it didn't even faze her. After the tattoo-ing we went to American Adventure to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. They were insanely good, and not just because I had just had a glass of Prosecco, they were genuinely good. They have a new album coming out featuring the hits of Cab Calloway which is cool, but you know, they aren't Cab Calloway, no offense guys. They did a good job though :)

Again, I apologize for the video quality, I had my small camera which isn't as good at taking video.

So after all the food and wine festivities we decided to go on Spaceship Earth and that's when the fun night turned to a big crap shoot. As we were getting on the ride I checked my phone and put it back in my purse, or so I thought. I had a feeling that it didn't go in my purse, but then I figured I was paranoid. So we go through the ride, get off and go to leave the park. Well it was down pouring, maybe monsooning. I went to text Scott and let him know we were going to wait it out and BAM! No phone. So we went back inside to see if they could check the ride, I mean it's only been like 5 minutes so the ride has to cycle through and they can check, right? Well you would think. The cast member I dealt with was super nice and assured me they would check. So Jenn and I sat by the exit fingers, toes and all other appendages crossed hoping that my phone would show up. No dice. I watched the last family walk off the ride and then all the cast members followed, ummmmm what about my phone that is probably sitting at the top of the ride blinking away because Jenn has been calling it the last fifteen minutes (I hope you like Jason Mraz "I'm Yours" because that's what you've been listening to). So I talk to the coordinator, who we will call Jerk Face #1, and he just brushed me off and told me all lost and found was taken to Guest Relations. Funny, I didn't see anyone walk by with lost and found, but ok. So I dashed across, in the monsoon, to Guest Relations to see if they had my phone. I get in there, see the open cast member and make my way to him then, Jerk Face #2 as we will refer to him, says "Oh no ma'am that lady was ahead of you". What lady?! And there she was all the way at THE BACK OF THE ROOM. So this lady wanted every single button that Disney makes times like a million. So here I am waiting while this guy takes his sweet time to get her all those buttons that, "You know I'm not supposed to give all these out". Then don't, or do it faster Jerk Face #2. So he's finally done with her and I get up there and ask about my phone, he goes to the back to "check" and is back within like 2.3 seconds with no phone. Really, you checked? Ok.... So he doesn't have it and gives me the number to central lost and found. Now, I worked at Disney for a few years and I know that stuff rarely actually makes it to central lost and found, it's usually swiped before it gets there (sorry to ruin the magic for you). I called Scott and told him what happened and he told me to ask for security so I could file a report and have it all documented. Good call Scott! So I go back in and there's Jerk Face #2 again. "Oh welcome back" yeah I'm excited to be here. I ask for security so I can file a report and he freaks out. "You don't need security, just fill out this yellow card, no need for security". Ummm, I want security. Still freaking out on me, so I tell him "My husband is in security and told me to ask for security". Now the kid is shaking (maybe it's the fact that I am almost 6 feet, or the fact that I knew what I was talking about). Security happens to walk in at this point, with a Blackberry. HALLELUJAH! Yeah, not mine, bummer. So security walks out while I check the phone to see if it's mine, and I look at Jerk Face #2 and go "Uh security?" and he says, and I wish I was kidding, "Oh, did you still want them?" "Is this my phone?" "No." "Well then yes, I would still like security" "But you really don't need...." "You know what, we're good, I'm done dealing with you, but thanks". So I call Scott back and he has the security manager meet me so I can file a report. Now I'm just waiting on my phone to magically show up. I also know the manager at Spaceship Earth so last night he sent an email to the engineering team to be on the look out for it. I hope someone finds it, I feel like I'm missing a major appendage or something. It's really sad. As a total side note, I have written this entire post while on the phone with central lost and found, awesome.


MamaOtwins+1 said...

In the beginnin of reading I wanted to post about how much fun it sounds like you had and how jealous I am that we don't have something so cool here - then I read the rest of the blog - and now I hate jerk face #2 too!

Elle Bee said...

I was laughing because you wrote out this ordeal so well! but not laughing because I know what it's like to lose something and deal with jerk-faces! Hope you get your phone back. :o(

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