Saturday, September 26, 2009

Quick updates

Yesterday was a pretty relaxed day over here. Mimi had a procedure done on her shoulder in the morning, so we kind of just sat around the house waiting to hear how she was doing (she's fine, everything went well!).

I made the kiddos pigs in a blanket yesterday morning and they loved them! Aaron actually preferred the sausage and ended up eating 3-4 links by himself. I'm glad I made extra! Jill ate enough to get her banana. She's not a huge breakfast eater, but neither am I.

The kids spent most of the afternoon coloring. Jill can honestly sit and color for hours, which is fantastic because she rarely sits still. Aaron surprisingly colored for a little bit as well and didn't try to eat the crayon (yahoo!). We only have a little bit of purple and blue crayon marks on the floor, so that is a success in my book!

They are also starting to sign a lot more. Some of the signs they do surprise me because I've only done them a few times, I was amazed they actually remembered them. Jill can now sign: car, flower, dog (still her favorite), more, ball, eat, thank you, bird, bear, baby and finished. Aaron can sign: dog, more, ball, eat, thank you, baby, finished, flower and car. We're still working on actually saying all these words. Sometimes I get hyper sensitive about it and freak out that they won't be able to talk, but they are saying a few things so I guess I shouldn't worry, right? Jill says: Mama, Dadda, dog, who's that? what's that? all done, thank you (almost), bye and uh ohhhhhhhh (just like that). It kind of amazes me that she can say four two-word combination's but I can't get her to say "hello". Sigh. Aaron says: Mama, Dadda, dog, ball, done, who's that?. That's all I can make out on him. Aaron tends to do things at his own pace. I shouldn't be worried, right?

That's it over here so far. Hope you have a great weekend!


monica said...

Great update! Love the pig and the blanket idea I will have to try that on the boys! Yay for sitting and coloring makes life a little easier! Have a good rest of the weekend!

Elle Bee said...

Nah, no worries. They've got their own timeline and I can tell you've got bright babies from your videos. My 1st daughter did everything so early it was ridiculous (walked at 8 months, several words at 11 months). My twins are now almost one and they don't say anything but "bldinlwienakldkgjoei!!". And they certainly don't walk! So I'm always reminded that each child has their own timeline.

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