Friday, September 11, 2009

Where were you when the world stopped turning?

It is so hard to believe that it has been 8 years since the attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon and the fields of Pennsylvania. I will never ever forget that day as long as I live. I was in my Foundations of Inquiry class in the basement of Milner Library at Illinois State and had no idea what was going on, I didn't find out until my math class the next hour. It was pure chaos, at that point only one of the towers had been hit. I went to my political science class next (I have no idea why I didn't just go back to the dorms) and my professor was keeping us posted on everything and teaching us everything we needed to know about Bin Laden (remember he did this not Saddam) and the Taliban, during this time the second tower was hit. I didn't go to anymore classes that day and just sat in front of the TV watching CNN with my roomate. Then rumors started that the next attack would be on the Sears Tower and I freaked out. My sister's office was relatively close to the Sears Tower so I was freaked out about her. Thankfully nothing happened in Chicago, but the same couldn't be said for DC and Pennsylvania. I remember a day later standing on the quad with almost the entire student body to pray and reflect on the situation. It was amazing how united we all were at that time, it didn't matter who you were, what color, religion, sexual preference anything, we were all Americans and we stood united. Today needs to be a reminder of that, our enemy is not the person across from us it is the sick people that did this to us. We need to stay united and remember all of those that lost their lives, and continue to lose their lives for us. Never forget today.


rjs mama said...

it was my birthday. but not a happy birthday at all

The Rudy Family said...

I was just finishing up a night shift at work as a nurse. I did a similar post. I think everyone did. Found you through twitter and blogfrog.


Elle Bee said...

Well said. I will never forget what happened and how united we were for a time. You are right--we need to remain united, support our troops and never forget!
I was in my car driving to work. I turned on the radio and couldn't even wrap my mind around what was happening.

Shelby at - The Twins and Multiples Bookstore said...

September 11 was one of those defining days and moments that I will never forget.

I was in a training session in a Boston hotel and during a break around 10am I checked my messages. A friend left me a crazy message crying hysterically saying "I hope you aren't traveling today. I hope you and your husband are safe." I had no idea what she was talking about. A coworker was also checking her messages and heard the news from the message.

My husband was on a plane from Boston to NYC when it happened. I didn't know, but they ended up turning the plane back home right before they were suppose to land. For quite some time I didn't know if he was safe or not - if he was near the towers or at the airport. It was very scary.

He ended up calling me as soon as he arrived back in Boston, but because the cell phones weren't working I didn't get the message for a few hours.

The training class all went downstairs to where there was a huge hotel TV and we just watched everything from there and cried.

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