Monday, October 19, 2009

A few more updates

So apparently so much happened these past few days I forgot to write about 90% of it. Ok 90% is an exaggeration, more like 30% but whatever.

We turned the car seats around this past week. Aaron hit 30lbs and both of their legs were resting on the head rest so we decided it was about that time. Jill is absolutely beside herself. From the moment she gets in her seat to the moment she gets out she talks. I hear about every truck we see and hear "what's that?" ever other second, at least. When my parents were in the cat with us Jill would talk to my Dad the whole time and after he agreed with everything (big mistake) she would go "Oh Dzia Dzio!". $50 says he agreed to buy her a castle and pony for Christmas, that's how evil her laugh was after he agreed to all her "demands".

Yesterday we all went over to the Stride Rite outlet to get the kiddos actual shoes, not just sandals. Footwear is really important to me. I've always believed that you can spend less on your clothes but you have to spend money for good shoes. The benefit of the outlet is you get the same exact shoes/service as the store at half the price. The most expensive shoes I saw for the kids were $32.99. I know that sounds like a lot for shoes that the kids will grow out of soon, but it is so worth it so they don't mess up their feet. I had foot problems as a child (rheumatoid arthritis) and still do, especially on really chilly mornings, so I'm very picky about shoes and comfort level. Thanks to Busia and Dzia Dzio for the great shoes!

Today is also my Dad's 72nd birthday! I wish they stayed one more day so we could celebrate, but never the less, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!

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MamaOtwins+1 said...

Shoes are important and I LOVE the stride rite outlet!!!

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