Sunday, October 18, 2009

An update, finally :)

I am alive, I promise! The past several days have been jam packed with stuff, so I haven't had a chance to update.

My parents made it in safely on Wednesday night, and the kiddos were actually still up when they got here. Aaron and Jill weren't too sure what to think at first, it has been a while since they had seen Busia and Dzia Dzio (May, actually), but Busia came prepared and had wooden puzzles for the kiddos. So if you were ever wondering if my children could be bought, the answer is yes.

Thursday we ran over to Downtown Disney to pick up the tickets for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and then have lunch at T-Rex. I had to go to help register people for the FOMOTC Convention (Florida Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs) so the kiddos napped and hung out with Busia and Dzia Dzio the rest of the afternoon. I met up with everyone at Magic Kingdom and we got the kiddos dressed for the party. We were having issues with Jill and her tinkerbell costume, when I say issues I mean she hated it, not disliked, hated it. Thankfully we had a plastic spoon and that did the trick. As long as she had that spoon (and you better believe she held onto it the entire night) she was ok with her costume. Aaron made a super handsome Peter Pan and smiled at everyone that commented on just how handsome he looked. The party itself was great! Disney limits the amount of people that are allowed in on any given night so it makes the party more enjoyable. The longest wait we had was 15 minutes at Peter Pan, everything else was pretty much a walk on. We missed the parade (which is so cute if you ever get the chance to go) but did manage to see the fireworks. Jill and Aaron even clapped after they finished, it was way too cute! Here are some photos and video from that day:

Friday we all just hung out. I had to work the registration table again, so I was gone most of the afternoon/early evening. Saturday I was gone from really early in the morning until the midde of the afternoon for the convention. Saturday was the business meeting and luncheon. It was really informative. I really wasn't familiar with what all the state club did, so it was great to see what resources we have available. The national president was there as well. Terri Gillis is actually a member of our local club (one of the charter members I believe) so I had met her before, but really had a chance to just chit chat with her over the weekend. It was great to be able to speak with other mothers of multiples from all over Florida (there was 88 of us). At the luncheon the Caldwell Triplets (identical BBB) spoke to us. There are in their 50s I believe, and actually really humorous. I love hearing from older multiples, it gives me hope that I'm not totally screwing my children up :)

While I was gone for the day at convention, Busia and Dzia Dzio were "in control", which means the kiddos got to jump on the bed (the guest bed), play in the living room (gated off) and have an entire glass of iced tea, see:

Thanks again to my folks for coming down to hang out and help out while I was at convention! And thanks to Kelly and Beth for hosting a great convention, glad I could help out!


Annie said...

Wow, you were so busy. So glad you had a great time at the Convention.

Have a nice week.

Lani said...

Sounds like you had fun:) Love their costumes!!

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