Friday, October 23, 2009

Shamu Shamu

We went to Seaworld today to check out the Shamu show. The kids and I have never seen it before so we were all excited! We had pretty good seats, way out of the way of the soak zone. And can I just say know you're in the soak zone, it says it on your seat, so why must you act surprised when you get soaked????

Anyway, the show was great and the kids LOVED it! Jill would wave every time Shamu "waved" at the crowd. Both of them danced and clapped and just had a great time! Here are some photos and video:

After the show the kids were pretty wiped out so we just walked around until they fell asleep and then left. I love having the annual pass there as well! It's great to be able to just go in for a show and then head home.

For dinner tonight I finally made Melissa d'Arabian's Potato Bacon Torte (click on the link for the recipe). Oh my word it was delicious! Seriously, little bites of heaven! I did cheat though and use store bought pie crust, but it was really easy to make and like I've said a million times, really delicious, see:

That's about it over here. Scott will be making his second and third degree with Knights of Columbus tomorrow, very exciting! I am so proud of him for being a part of such a great organization and that he is moving forward in it!

Hope you've had a great day!

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Melissa B. said...

I always use Pillsbury pie crusts...and I LOVE Shamu! Happy Saturday Sharefest...

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