Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

Another week has flown by, so here we go! I am thankful for:

  • Scott and all he does and for just being him. And for the mad jambalaya skills that he has, it's out of this world!
  • My kiddos, even though they have kind of made me batty this week. They are always good for a laugh. I have no idea where they come up with some of the things they do, but it's awesome.
  • My small army that helped find my missing phone. Special thanks to Steven, Andres, Wil, Bob and the entire engineering team that worked Spaceship Earth. No thanks to Loren from Guest Relations and whoever the coordinator was at Spaceship Earth, you guys were jerks and your managers know, so now it sucks to be you.
  • Jenn suggesting Food and Wine. Minus the "incident" it was a blast, complete with massive embarrassment in the parking lot (my panic alarm wouldn't shut off, therefore attracting the attention of everyone in the parking lot). Based on our night I think ABC would be able to make an entire 2 seasons worth of an Emmy winning sitcom, just saying.
  • Whoever thought up the show Modern Family. It is seriously the funniest 30 minutes on television.
  • All the great family around us that supports us in so many ways.
  • The beautiful weather we've been having, I hope it stays!!!
  • Everyone who participated in Blog for a Cure, you truly are helping a great cause and it was great to see such a good turn out. I know Lani put a ton of work into it (how she finds the time, I will never know) and it's great to see that her work didn't go unnoticed! *You can still enter the giveaways until Saturday!
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MamaOtwins+1 said...

I hope our weather stays too! And I am a participant in the Blog for a Cure - hope to get Lani a few more $1.00 before it's over!

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