Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What do you even say to that?!

Yesterday was shaping up to be another calm cool and collected day, and then after I put the kiddos down for their naps I heard "BAM BAM". I immediately thought that one, or both, of them finally learned how to climb out of their cribs and were probably laying in an unconcious state on the floor with blood everywhere (is that just a mom thing to immediately prepare for the worst?).

I walked in the room, expecting to see the worst, and instead saw Jill diving into her mattress pretending to be asleep (seriously) and Aaron standing in his crib with the big canvas painting from above his crib. Somehow my darling son managed to pull the painting off the wall and not get hit by it. He immediately gave me the "I have no idea how this happened" look. I couldn't even say anything, I didn't know what to say. So I just grabbed the painting and put it off to the side and just walked back out. What do you say to that?! It could be worse, they could have done what my brothers did when they were younger. Apparently my two older brothers took all my mom's perfume and dumped it into the mattress. Needless to say the mattress was immediately replaced.

So minus the painting incident the day was pretty calm. I was supposed to go to an executive board meeting last night for GOMOTT, but it was canceled. Our president has food poisioning pretty bad from a Chinese restaurant. After telling Scott about this he asked if I wanted to go grab Chinese for dinner (he was being serious). Sigh....

Here are a couple of photos from yesterday, hope you're having a great day so far!


The Lane Family said...

The things our kids think of!!! Just think they are only 1!!! I know with my twins one is always thinking of something and the other one places the innocent is me game!!!

Annie said...

I agree, every time we hear a Bam, we run and think the worst.

MamaOtwins+1 said...

that is why we have NOTHING within reach of the crib

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