Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lockdown, Day 2

A quick update on our "lockdown", Aaron has been running a fever since yesterday afternoon. It started out at 99.9 (which apparently doesn't count as a fever) and has been holding steady at 101.8 ever since. I think it may have broken at some point over night because his hair is just, well gross, you know how your hair gets when you get sweaty. We called the after hours line for our pediatrician last night and they said as long as he's not showing any symptoms we don't need to bring him in, and he has to run the fever for 24 hours. I'm going to call again in a few minutes when they open and see if we can get in anyway. I have a feeling it is H1N1 just in the very early stages. I really just want this to be over and not get any worse, or have any more of us effected.

Personality wise he is still pretty much the same, he just wants to be cuddled a lot more (he's actually "helping" me type this right now). Jill hasn't shown any symptoms yet and isn't even slightly warm, so that's a great sign, let's just hope it stays that way. Scott and I are eating vitamin C and using antibacterial gels like it's our job. I'm also starting to get everything wiped down with some Lysol. That's all to report so far, we'll keep you posted!


Christina said...

Thinking about you guys, hope its not the flu!! Take care!

The Lane Family said...

Here's hoping that you have a quick recovery and no more illness.

Lani said...

oh no! Hope it doesn't turn into anything:(

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