Saturday, November 14, 2009

Maybe it really does make us stronger?

Great news to report! The kiddos have been fever free ALL DAY! Yahoo!!! It's amazing how quickly they bounce back. Minus a few super whiny moments you never would have known how sick they have been. Scott and I on the other hand both look like we've been hit by Mack Trucks, for real. This whole week has taken such a physical and emotional toll on us. Scott came home early and napped while the kids napped and then I got to nap after he got up. I'll tell you what that hour and a half made all the difference in the world. Now I feel like I got hit by a Dodge Ram, not a Mack. Progress people, progress!

And while I'm in a pleasant, not foggy mood I have to discuss Murphy's Law. You know how when you look decent (ie not in a nasty t-shirt and old boxer shorts with no makeup, tears streaming down your face and hair going every which way. Oh and you don't have morning breath) nothing ever happens, but when you do have all those things going on that's when a crisis emerges and the firemen that show up look like they stepped out of one of those calenders. Welcome to my Tuesday. Swear to God! They were all (I want to say the months of January through August were covered here) at least six foot three not an ounce of fat good looking guys. Now had I been made up and showered with teeth brushed I would have gotten the old fuddy duddy that has been on the force since they used the horse and buggy. I thought one was PERFECT for my friend Jenn and then he talked about how his 1 year old girl like Yo Gabba Gabba. Darn. And isn't it amazing what one talks about in a crisis situation? Thanks for the distraction Station 33, thanks for the distraction!

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Annie said...

So glad they are feeling better. God bless them.

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