Saturday, November 14, 2009

What doesn't kill us...

...makes us stronger?

Yesterday I had every intention of having a nice low key day of lying around in pj's with the kiddos and napping since Mimi and PawPaw were here to help out. Not so much. Aaron broke out in a head to toe rash so I took him in to see the pediatrician. The doctor thought that maybe it was just the virus working itself out. I'll tell you what though it is nasty looking. I mean the poor kid has bumps all over (he'll hate me for this later) his butt, in his ears, all over his face, hands, legs, feet, arms, tummy, and back. I have yet to find a patch of skin without a bump.

We were still doing ok around lunch time, neither one really wanted to eat, but when I'm sick I don't want to eat either so no big deal. Jill ended up napping on me and Aaron slept for about an hour or so in his bed then took another nap on the bean bag chair next to me. I started to worry when he had a fever again and was really lethargic. Jill started to fever as well and when we gave her Motrin she threw it up (all over Scott) and then convulsed really quick. We called 911 again and had her taken back to the hospital. Scott followed and then I went home to get Aaron so this could just get nipped in the bud already. I wanted both of them seen at the same time and I wanted to know what in the hell was going on.

Jill also had a slight rash and molding(?) in her skin so they figured she's allegric to the amoxilcilan. To be safe we went ahead and assumed Aaron was too. We also learned that we were not given them enough Motrin OR Tylenol. I wish somebody would have told us this the first two times we were there. Turns out we were only giving them a half dose, hence why they still were spiking fevers.

At this point I am beyond exhausted physically and emotionally. I hope this is done because quite frankly I am. Right now they seem like their normal happy selves, no fevers, but I gave them Motrin to be safe (and probably will for the next 24-48 hours). Thanks for all the kind comments and support, it's much appreciated!

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monica said...

I hope your two feel better soon! Yes sometimes doctors don't want to tell you the correct dossage so they don't get sued but I get tired of guessing the right one. It's awful! I hope that this sickness goes away soon.

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