Friday, November 20, 2009

Quick update

We took our family photos today in downtown Celebration with Kim of Impressions in Time Photography. I cannot wait to see them!!! Hopefully she will be able to get some up on her blog, I seriously cannot wait!

The kiddos naturally were much more interested in doing all things not photo related. Aaron wanted to run into the fountain and Jill wanted to run into the lake. 'Twas awesome. Scott was barely alive, he had to work the grave shift last night so he was running on fumes.

Tonight we went to see our friend Jenn's sons baseball and t-ball games. They were the last games of the season and both teams (I think?) won. Brandon says Scott and I are his good luck charms since they always win if we are there.

That's all I got right now, just wanted to post a quick update.


1 Special Family said...

Those kinds of crazy times often make the best pictures!

Kim spell said...

I have posted a few to my blog. Stop by and take a peak. :).

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