Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Deck the halls...

I had every intention of having a very low key day yesterday and then the decorating bug hit me. I got up some of the smaller things around the house, today we are going to put up our tree sans any glass ornaments. The kiddos are definitely fascinated right now with all the decorations. I have a gingerbread house that I got at Hallmark, last year I think, that plays the dance of the sugar plum fairies and the kids are obsessed with it. I think yesterday I heard that song, well I lost track, but it was way more than any human being should hear in one day.

Aaron even did his own dance to the song, think Beyonce in Single Ladies. I also have these metal letters that spell out "Joy" and "Noel" and at one point yesterday the "J" went missing...."Oy" so fitting. I also had to figure out what to do with our stockings. Last year I bought stocking holders and hung them by the front door. However, upon looking the heavy metal holders with sharp points over again I decided zip tying them to the gate would look just as nice and would not require any trips to the emergenacy room. We'll see what happens with the tree today, it should be interesting to say the least!

Yesterday I also let both kids feed themselves yogurt. They are really starting to master the whole spoon thing. I apparently did the utensils backwards and gave them a fork instead of a spoon when they were younger. Sorry Academy of Pediatrics, it just made more sense. Anyway, the experience was slightly messy, but they did get the majority in their mouthes and I have a feeling I will never have to feed them yogurt again! Yahoo!

That's all I got over here, don't forget about Cans for Comments, tomorrow is the last day!

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