Monday, November 30, 2009

Scott's Birthday Festivities!

At the Knights of Columbus banquet we were given two small American flags, never did I think this is what would happen with them:

Nothing like a one girl parade, huh?

Scott's parents came down last night to give Scott his birthday present, which is something he has talked about....incessantly....for months. He got the Xpress Redi Set Go.
My understanding is that it is like his snackmaster, but on steroids. All I heard last night was "Did you know you could make brownies in it?!" or "Did you know you could make a pizza in it?!" etc. Thanks Mimi and PawPaw ;) He does love it though, ask Mimi, she will tell you he has always been a gadget guy!

After presents we went to EPCOT because as annual passholders you can either get a free ticket for a later date, a super fastpass for the day or a giftcard in the amount of a daily pass. We were hoping to get the giftcard so we could get the kids some stocking stuffers, but we forgot one little, actually big, thing. Scott is a castmember now, and therefore, does not qualify. :(

Since we were there we thought we would have dinner in China at the quick service station that is there. They have some to die for egg rolls and potstickers, seriously. Aaron and I even shared (read: he ate most of) my egg roll.

There really isn't much that this kid won't eat. I still haven't decided if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

After dinner we went to see Mulan. Now you may be wondering where that photo is. Well the only person in focus is Mulan. Jill decided to run away and Aaron was trying to lunge himself out of my arms. What the heck, I'll put it up, it is rather humourous.

Yay memories....

We pretty much decided it was time to split after this. All of us are pretty tired from the weekend, so we headed for the exit but not before we stopped for a birthday treat! Scott and I split a delicious M&M cookie, and the kiddos got these:

I think they were in shock when I handed the cookies to them. This is only the second time that they have ever had a sugar cookie, granted these cookies are at least 5 regular cookies, right? Jill ate hers like it was corn on the cob, and Aaron, well I don't think the kid came up for air at any point. It was the quietest walk to the parking lot...ever! Not without the looks from the McJudgersons. Seriously people don't give that "Oh my God she just gave her kids those sugar cookies, I cannot believe that, how could she, how bad is that?!" look when your kids have chocolate all over their face, it loses it's effectiveness.

All in all I think Scott had a pretty good birthday. We are going to have a big dinner on Tuesday to officially celebrate since he will be off.

Hope you all had a great weekend and don't forget about Cans for Comments! Only a few more days left!


Lani said...

Looks like a fun day!! Happy 29th Bday to Scott!

Christine aka Mistress of Cakes said...

Hello fellow SITSta! I need your help!

Could you vote for me in Iron Cupcake?

(I am campaigning for votes….because I put a lot of time and effort into this)

If there is anything I can do for you in the future don’t hesitate to ask!

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Souza Sisters said...

I think this is the first comment I have left on your blog. I am not even sure how I found you... But I love reading your blog!! We are Disney lovers!! DH and I have gone to Disney ever year since we met. I can't get enough... We bought into the timeshare program a month before we found out we were expecting our twin girls. So now we can share our love of Disney with them! But what caught my eye was your son eating the egg rolls in China!! Those egg rolls are a "must have" when we go to EPCOT!! Oh and your kids are so cute:)

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