Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Way back When-esday: Florida Snow

When: December 2008
Age: 7 months

I cannot get over how different all the kiddos look in this photo! This is when we went to Downtown Celebration for the snow fall. When I say snow, I mean soap that "looks" like snow. I remember it being crazy because it was the last Friday they did this before Christmas, and kids were sliding up and down the street in the soap snow. I have a copy of this photo that April took, Jill isn't screaming (it's really nice), in the kids room. The kids and I, at least once a day, look at the photo and they ask "who's that?". Maybe we should go again this year to have two side by side photos????

Play along with Cheryl at Twinfatuation!


Souza Sisters said...

I wish we had "Florida snow" up here in Maine! We are getting the real deal here today!! 9-12 inches! Looks like we will have a white Christmas:)

Tina Lane said...

I wanted to drop by from SITS and say hello because I am a Florida Girl who moved to Cincinnati and found my Hubbie. I think it is funny how our stories are flip-flopped. You know, there was a year when it actually did snow in Florida. I was a little girl when it happened. Maybe your Hubs knows about it.

Cheryl Lage said...

We do get some real snow, but love the soap snow fake shows, too!

What a PICTURE! Definitely worth a recreate! ;)

Thank you so much for a wonderful Way Back When-esday!

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