Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cha-cha-cha changes!

So before we get into this, what do you think of the new layout?! Isn't it awesome?! A HUGE thanks to Krystyn from Krizzy Designs! If you need a new layout check her out, she's a rock star when it comes to blog design!

Yesterday the weather was AMAZING! I'm so glad the weather is nice again, this time of year is my favorite, well minus the yucky dead brown grass (thank you freeze!). The kids and I took a walk and Aaron pointed out every single car in the neighborhood. Do you know how many people park their cars in their driveways and not garages? A lot! I lost count of the "bee-beeps!" after the 30th one I heard.

When we got home we went right into the backyard to run around. Jill finally took to the Step2 play set that Auntie Cathy and Lorren got them and had a great time! Aaron almost has the ladder figured out on it, but sadly, neither can work the slide the right way. I think Aaron tried to do the splits down it and Jill tried to roll backwards down it. I'm so not ready for another ER visit.

When we came in I printed out some Blues Clues coloring sheets from NickJr.com and we colored on them for a while, before we moved on to some books. Any tips on getting the crayon off board books?

Can't wait for tonight! Heading out for some sushi with some MoMs from GOMOTT. Hope you're having a great day so far!!!


Emma said...

I didn't see the layout before, But I think your new layout is lovely!
And you twins are adorable! :)

Lindsay Rudolph said...

The lay-out is very cute. And so are your twins!

Stoppin' by from SITS! Have a good one!

MamaOtwins+1 said...

Love the new layout - and so glad they finally started playing in the playhouse.

Twin-Spiration said...

I love the new layout...I thought your last one was great too! You kids are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love the new layout! More zen I think! (If that is a layout concept at all!!)

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Love the new blog look! And your babies are getting so big! They are adorable!

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