Monday, January 18, 2010

Well if I had my rubber boots....

This weekend was great! We spent a lot of time with my friend Jenn and her boys. The weather yesterday was gorgeous so we spent a lot of time in her backyard running around. Now, I know Jill is running around in a diaper and that is because she decided to dump half a water bottle on herself in the car as we pulled in the driveway, not because it was 100 degrees.

We had a great time hanging out, enjoying the good old Florida sunshine with awesome friends. We may or may not have also debated digging up a section of her backyard to find out if something is buried there (I am not even kidding). But decided ignorance is bliss. I think that act would require a pitcher or two of margaritas, a mag flash light, some rubber boots and years of therapy costs.

Oh and I have to share with you one of Aaron's new things. He likes to climb up in the chair by Scott's computer and when I politely tell him "Get down!" this is the look I get:

Boy am I in trouble! Hope you had a great weekend and are lucky enough to have today off as well!


The Wife said...

Love that look!

monica said...

YOur blog looks great! I can't believe you guys are wearing shorts!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

What great pictures! It was warmer here but we stayed in. Hopefully, it will be a little warmer tomorrow! Love the new look!

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