Sunday, January 17, 2010

Everything I know I learned from Anderson Cooper...

I have to admit my last few nights I have been glued to CNN's coverage of Haiti, and not because they are the leader in world events, but because they have this man on location:

Hush your mouth Lani, I know what you are thinking! But seriously, don't you think if more reporters looked like him we would be better educated in world events? Just from the past couple nights I could probably tell you every fact about this earthquake chronologically, alphabetically or via flow chart because I have been hanging on every word out of this mouth:

Obsessed? No, concerned citizen of the world. Now do I secretly wish that during this coverage a huge gust of wind would blow by and make his shirt fly up to reveal what I can only imagine to be rock hard abs? Yes, I mean look at those guns!

And don't get all "Oh Amanda you're married! How can you say these things?!" Um hello, look at this man! Seriously, scroll up and look at him! I know Scott thinks the same thing about Megan Fox, why else do you think he watched Transformers? Trust me, not the compelling story line. Did it even have a script?

But seriously if more reporters looked this:

or even this (just for you Scott):

Maybe more people would be informed on what is going on in this world. Just a thought major news stations...just a thought.

To help send relief to Haiti please visit, or help with Headphonies for Haiti!


Machelle said...

This made me crack up because I was saying the same thing last night to my husband! I told him AC was hot and he wonders why I think that but I am with you!! He is just wonderful to look at. I saw a picture of him working out at the gym and he does have ripped abs! I do not think Megan Fox is all that pretty, but I do not think Ang. Jolie is either.

Twin-Spiration said...

Hilarious! I'm not a big news fan, actually I don't watch much TV at all. But can honestly say that if Matthew McConaughey was the reporter...I would have a TV in my car! I would be glued to his every word I feel your pain Amanda...totally support it. Happy Sunday!

Elle Bee said...

Hahhaa! You are funny. And yes, he is HOT.

CHELZERS said...

that is so hilarious.

thanks for following my little blog! :)

Have a great weekend!

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