Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hey Dad, print this one out!

This week is going to be one of the coldest weeks that we have had in a very long time. It is so cold it makes me question how I survived in Chicago for 22 years of my life. To express just how wimpy cold I was this morning I had one sweats, a long sleeve shirt AND a sweatshirt. Then it dawned on me. What was it that my Dad always yelled at me? Ah yes (cue the Chicago accent): "Maybe if you had some G@# D@#$ socks on your G@# D@#$ feet you wouldn't be so cold!" And you know what Dad, you were right! I know, print this puppy out and put it on the fridge! So there ya go kiddos, listen to your Dad, or my Dad, they tend to be right ;)

Hope you had a great weekend!

1 comment:

Ruby said...

so funny but true if only we had listened then we probably wouldn't have froze are butts off. kids oy what do we know right lol

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