Saturday, January 2, 2010

That's nice, I'm going to kick the ball now...

We're still trying to get back into the groove of things now that all our visitors are gone. Easier said than done, really.

The weather has been, well, random lately. It's been cold, hot and cold (ahhh Chicago style) over the past few days and it has been raining which is no fun. I was able to get the kids outside the other day to try out their awesome new toy from Auntie Cathy and Lorren!

Isn't it awesome? Just like the reviews said it was really easy to put together, not that I put it together, I had a team of "professionals" do that for me on Christmas Eve:

Lorren even tried it out to test the uhhh "safety" (read slide). So after all the hard work I was excited to get the kids outside to play on it. I had visions of them standing at the top laughing hysterically, pushing each other down the slide, it was going to be awesome! I opened the back door, let the animals children loose and they ran right for.....everywhere else in the backyard. Huh????

I even brought Jill over at one point and showed her how to climb up and how you could slide down and she looked at me like "Yeah uh huh, I'm going to kick the ball now". Sigh.... So we shall try and try again. I still think they are going to love it, more than the kick ball. Promise Auntie Cathy and Lorren! If not, I can always send it up so Lorren can you know test the "safety".


Christina said...

I love that! I'll have to look into one this spring.

MamaOtwins+1 said...

that is a great gift - and I'm sure they'll be on it soon!

Lani said...

awww, it looks fun! We'll have to come over and help you break it in:)

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