Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update on Mimi and the squirrel incident

Let's start with the awesome news first...Mimi was discharged from the hospital today! Turns out she did not have a stroke (thank God!), a lot of what was going on is from the medication she is on. She's home now and we got to spend the afternoon with her to make sure she was doing well. Thank you everyone for all your kind thoughts, words and prayers!

Now onto the rest of our day. We spent this morning at Seaworld with the Lyons crew. The weather was beautiful and it didn't seem like it was too crowded, well expect for everywhere that we went. I highly encourage you check out any photos Lani puts up because I have a feeling they will be hilarious.

We got to see the puffins and the man cleaning the puffins habitat:

And then we went to see the sharks, or as my kids call them the "fishhhhhhhhhhhhhh". We stopped to look at one of the tanks while Scott ran to get the camera and it was really nice, nobody was there, and Lani caught this cute photo of us.

Then out of nowhere this crowd swarmed us. I have never felt so claustrophobic in my life and nobody would move out of the way to let me and the kids out.

It was definitely not awesome, so we took off to try and ditch the crowd.

When you get off the conveyor belt they have jaws from actual sharks on display which my daughter and son told me say "ROARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!". I had no idea that's what sharks said, I'm glad I have these experts with me at all times.

Outside of the shark exhibit they have a pool with some of the smaller sharks swimming around so my experts had to check out those fishhhhhhhhhhhhh that say "ROAR!"

Then we saw Shamu. Oh my goodness, the reactions from all the kids made what happened next totally worth it.

The next I was referring to was the squirrel attack. Yup, squirrel attack. The squirrels at Seaworld are vicious, vicious I tell you! I was standing with the kids, admiring Shamu when I hear Lani call out my name, but in the oh my God you need to look over here. I turned my head and saw the squirrel thisclosetome. I wonder if Lani got a photo of my expression, because it had to have been priceless. The squirrel was not intimidated by us though and almost let Lily pet him/her. Needless to say our Shamu time was cut short.

After all the animal fun we got our traditional end of the day at the park sugar cookies, Lani's kiddos joined in on the fun too!

All in all it was an awesome day! Hope yours was great as well!


Lani said...

ok, I'm going to have to put up video of the squirrel incident now...

monica said...

Oh how fun! The squirrel thing is funny!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

HOw funny! I am scared of squirrels so I will have to check out Lani's video.

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