Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Way back When-esday and Adventures at Aveda

Date: I honestly have no idea, late 80s?

You guessed it, that's me way back in the day! Jealous of my outfit and pig tails? You should be. How about those draw on freckles? Thanks Mom! I totally see this outfit making it to Fashion Week, just saying...

Play along with Cheryl at Twinfatuation!

So I went to get my hair cut and colored today at the Aveda Institute. You got to love being able to get an overall color, partial highlight and cut/style for $78. What you don't have to love is the people who pour themselves into skin tight black pants (think Olivia Newton John in Grease, but they look like Vince Neil, now) and the vast array of slouch style boots. When did those make a come back and who said that was ok?! I mean why make it look like you have cankles? Maybe I'll have to ask my niece Melissa since she's into fashion and all. But, I digress...

So I check in and am immediately thinking something is not right because they didn't ask my last name, and it's not like I have a unique name (ask that Facebook quiz, it gave my parents an F-). But, it's a Wednesday, not busy, so I don't give it a second thought. Then this guy comes up and calls my name and I think "Funny, you don't look like Charissa..." but figured she did just take someone back, maybe they double booked her, whatever. Then I got nervous because I went back into the way back room, not the masters room. Ummm.....ok? I sit down and he goes, "So, just a haircut, right?". Did I hallucinate? "Um, and a highlight." "Oh yeah we can fit that in." "Fit that in? What name do you have?" Yeah, not mine. Clearly the ladies at the front desk need to be trained on what to do if TWO clients have the same first name. So I go back up front and recheck in and the Gossip Girl wannabe front desk girl tells me Jose will be right with me. Sorry? "I asked for Charissa." "Really? When?" "Um, when I called." "Oh, we have you marked down with Christine." Right, you read that? How did Jose become Christine? I have no idea, but I was finally going to the back to get my hair did (lol).

Now, let's talk about the crazy girl next to me! OH MY WORD! I have a tattoo, so I don't judge, however when you have (and I wish I was kidding) Princess (HUGE CROWN) Bebe on above you wrist I'm thinking something's not right. My ears definitely perked up and my peripheral vision became super human. So she starts talking to the poor girl that had to do her hair and I was in awe of how she did not slam the brush into her head, scream, and run away. This woman changed her mind every five seconds, seriously. It was amazing to witness, it really was. If I ever get a sitcom based on my life (hint NBC and ABC) she would be a character and I would try to work her into every episode.

Oh, and you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what my hair looks like. :) Hope you had a great day!


shopannies said...

how sweet we once did a hee haw event and man did we look cheesy

Twincerely,Olga said...

u are adorable!! what a crazy hair story!!!I bet your hair looks awesome!!!

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh dear heaven, you can relay a tale! I wanna see the sitcom now...AND your new hair!

Although I do love the Pippi Longstocking pigtails...a PERFECT Way Back! Thank you so much for playing along, Charissa! I mean, Jose...I mean Amanda! ;)

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