Saturday, February 6, 2010

Getting back into the groove

Last night was well...interesting to say the least. Aaron decided he did not need to go to bed until 10pm. For real! He also woke Jill up around 9:30, so there we were just hanging out in the playroom with Aaron showing no signs of slowing down. It was the longest night of my life! And you would think they would have slept in this morning, right? Oh that's funny....7 am on the nose they were both wide awake! I'm hoping they sleep in tomorrow.

Today we just relaxed, well Scott and the kids did, I braved the pre-Super Bowl crowds at the grocery store. I'm glad I didn't need anything at the deli counter because I never would have gotten anywhere near it, I'd probably still be in line. And why do they put out samples on days like today??? Why?! It just attracts all the old people who act like it's a buffet (no offense, but seriously!). And it's always in the most inconvenient locations, like right in front of the products that you are looking for, or the deli counter.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, anyone have any big plans? Any favorite recipes?


monica said...

I stayed far away from any type of food place today. No plans tomorrow.

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

Speaking of old people...did you know that Wing House is the place-to-be for them on a Friday night? Not my first guess but witnessed it first hand last night when we went for Mike's birthday (obviously his choice, not mine, since it was for his birthday) and there was not only a group of 12 senior citizens (couples) but about two or three other tables of them to boot!

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