Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Goodbye 1960s!

It's almost staycation time!!! I'm pretty pumped, you would think I never go to Disney.

In other news I have to share this because it makes me laugh, and I hope it will make you laugh too. My parents are finally remodeling their bathroom. Now this bathroom is...special. The people that owned the house before them, bless their hearts (I learned that phrase from my mother in law by the way), were stuck in the late 1960s. That house was powder blue, gold, burnt orange and shag to the high heavens. And their remodeling skills were lackluster to say the least. I remember one day my Mom came out of their bedroom with this gunk on her hands and I was like what in the world? It was makeup that the woman put of the wall to hide a watermark stain. SERIOUSLY! So back to the bathroom....

This bathroom is by no means large and is yellow, excuse me, gold (possibly harvest gold?) and brown, like brown that I find in diapers. I wish I had a photo to show you, but I fear it would have broken the camera. My parents attempted a remodel a while ago and when they peeled back the wallpaper they found drywall that was over...wait for it...tile. Lord only knows what is under that tile. I am convinced that if they peeled away all of the layers they would double the size of their bathroom.

So then I'm talking to my Mom as she's cleaning out the over the toilet cabinet and she goes "Oh my God Amanda it's only held up by 3 screws! And not sturdy looking ones! Jesus Christ!" Then I was informed of how many G-D curling irons she has in that house, but I digress.

I am so glad the last piece of the 1960s is leaving my parents house! Welcome to 2010 Mom and Dad!

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Krystyn said...

I think we need pictures of this bathroom!

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