Monday, February 1, 2010

Just don't touch the walls!

I finally let the kids try out their finger paints yesterday. I'm not a big "hey let's make a mess!" kind of a person and could instantly see my angels taking off down the hallway with their paint covered hands touching the ivory walls. *shudder* They did really well though and there was minimal paint in places that it shouldn't be, like their bedroom door, thankfully though the paint is really washable. Jill was really into it and didn't want to stop, Aaron could care less. He's kind of like me and not a big fan of squishy stuff in his hands, or messes.

Looks like they had fun, huh? I think they had more fun in the tub afterward. They thought it was cool that the water changed colors and that they could paint the walls of the tub (and possibly the toilet seat).

We're getting ready for our staycation this week. I cannot wait! We're just going to Disney, but actually staying at one of their hotels which is a nice change! Speaking of Disney, did you see the "How to do Magic Kingdom with Multiples" post on Multiples and More? You should check it out!
Hope you're having a great start to your week!


monica said...

Looks like they had a lot of fun!

Julie said...

So much fun! Enjoy your "staycation" to Disney. SOOO JEALOUS! I'm hoping to travel there soon to "re-enjoy it" as an adult... only been about 20 year since I've been. :)

Stopping by from SITS.

1 Special Family said...

It's funny that they liked painting the tub just as much! It always works that way! Have a great staycation!

JoeyRes said...

I'm so jealous you're going to Disney. I was there in September and I miss it every day!

Nice pictures - looks like a grand time.

Ann and Peter said...

I am JEALOUS of your disney trip! We live in Sarasota, an hour and a half from disney. But without kids, we rarely make it there. I can't wait to have kiddos old enough to come back!! Make sure you post pictures!!

Miss. Ardeth Blood said...

Just came over from SITS to say hi.

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