Friday, April 30, 2010

If my marriage can survive....

....the assembly of a swingset it can probably survive anything.

Since the kiddos turn two (AH!) next week and since Uncle Sam was so kind this tax season we got the kids a swingset for their birthday. Now when I was researching the swingsets I knew I wanted an all wood one with a clubhouse that was big enough for both of them. Never in my research did I think, "Gee how many hours will this take?". I mean, it's a swingset, how long could it take? Apparently a lifetime.

Scott and Paw Paw started on Wednesday afternoon. Now I suggested that Scott read through the directions prior to the construction. I was told it wouldn't make a difference if he read them now or when they were assembling the monstrosity. (I'm reading "I love you now hush!" right now and this is one of the chapters, why women read directions and why men don't). So when they assembled and disassembled the same piece about three times I politely went back inside the house and mumbled "should have read the directions first".

By the end of day 1 (gosh that sounds a little Extreme Home Makeover, doesn't it?) the a-frame, slide and ladder/rock wall were assembled. I was told these were the hardest pieces. The slide after all took an hour give or take (read: give give give!). My darling Scott also had a nice sunburn on the back of his neck. Now he truly is a redneck. Sunscreen and not wearing a black t-shirt clearly were not in the 42 pages of directions ;)

Construction resumed promptly at 10 am on Day 2. Scott wore sunscreen this time, and a light colored shirt, and something to cover his neck. Everything seemed to be going smoothly at this point and by 4 pm-ish everything was assembled. I even helped with the construction. I drilled in four screws to secure the canopy. Yup, this girl knows her way around power tools (how this came to be will probably be included in my Father's Day post).

Around the time they finished the kids woke up from their naps and...well....could care less. They were more excited to see Paw Paw (HUGE thank you to Paw Paw for helping do this!) in the backyard. Awesome....

This afternoon the kids will get to try everything out, I truly hope they like it. We're the type of parents that want our kids to have everything we had and more. For me, the swingset is the more. Growing up we had a park in our neighborhood so there was no need for a swingset, but I always wanted one. Now I get to live through my kids, and maybe I'll go down the slide a few times too.


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

We're beginning to think about a swingset. I had thought it would probably not make sense until next spring / summer, when the kiddos are closer to 2 1/2, but we were visiting a neighbor last week, and they had a blast on the baby swing.

What I can't quite wrap my head around is that I am the assembly person. Even at ~7 months pregnant with twins, I was the one at least directing the assembly of the cribs! Sure, Hubby actually did the lifting, but I was in the middle of it all - reading the directions - and telling him what when where and how. I just can't quite figure how this will work with a couple of 15-month olds.

And that leads me to think we might need to factor in the cost of having someone build the swingset for us into the total purchase price. :)

Hope your kiddos come to love their swingset!

Charity Donovan said...

Hilarious! We just bought one this week as well & started assembly bit by bit in the evenings! OMG...thank gawd my hubs is a carpenter!!! So many pieces!

alicia said...

Yep, total guy thing. Gotta love em.

Glad it finally got done so the kids can enjoy it by summer.

Annie said...

I like the swingset.

Happy Friday.

Krystyn said...

What an awesome present for the kiddos. I know they are loving it!

Angie said...

You're going to LOVE the swingset. I'm so impressed they got it done. We had somebody do ours for us. If we hadn't, I shudder to think how long the process would have been!

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