Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A little of this...

Not going to lie, yesterday was a weird day. The kids slept until almost 4 in the afternoon. Why don't they do that when I want them to?
The Blogiversary party finally wrapped up yesterday too. I cannot thank everyone enough for being a part of the week long celebration and for being a part of our community. I don't think Lani or I thought we would be where we are today a year ago. I remember how excited we got when we hit 100 followers, now we have well over 1,000! I can only hope this next year brings as much success as the first!
Other than that not much else is knew over here. We're trying to get ready for our weekend away. Scott and I are going to Tallahassee this weekend for a wedding. It'll be our first full weekend away from the kids. I cannot wait to get away! It's going to be a much needed break :)
Hope you're having a great start to the week!


Angela said...

Have a Happy Weekend away! You sure deserve it after all of that!

Lorie said...

Have a great trip! Trips away with the Hubby are always so nice!

Maybe YOU can sleep in until 4 pm!

Alicia said...

Just checking out your cute blog. Great photos.


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