Saturday, May 22, 2010

Are you ready?

The Lowe's repairman finally came yesterday, and no not at 8 am like they said, it was more like 10-10:15 am. Regardless, we still have to wait 3-10 (I'm hoping not BUSINESS) days for the part to come in and then we have to schedule an appointment to have it installed. Basically they said the motherboard blew on the dishwasher and it never should have (not something I really wanted to hear). It should have blown a fuse first, but it didn't. Hopefully this fixes it and I don't have to call Lowe's for a very very long time. In other news the microwave is making weird noises, totally awesome.After all the "repairing" in the morning we decided to take the kids to Animal Kingdom later in the afternoon, 1) in hopes it wouldn't be as hot and 2) the crowds would be heading home. We were right about the crowds at least.

We skipped the parade and headed straight back to see the tigers, which seem to be the kids favorite (mine too).
I used to work on this trail, so it's always neat to go back and see the animals that I used to see everyday and see how much they've changed. On this trail (which is supposed to be mirrored after areas in Thailand and India) there is a prayer tree. We were told that in Southeast Asia they believed that if they tied a scarf, or prayer flag on this tree that by the time it completely unraveled it had gone to heaven and your prayer would be answered.

I'm pretty sure the "real" ones don't have "Do Not Climb" signs in front of them.

We really lucked out with the tigers yesterday, they all seemed to be in a very good viewing area. We saw too at the overlook area and then too more at the glass area. The kids even got a pretty up close view of the tiger just as she was waking up.

Yesterday seemed to have a ton of field trips, I think I saw at least 5 different schools, but one in particular stands out to me and not in a good way. I can't remember what school it was but as we were walking out of the trail a group of kids from this school were walking and as we approached the Gibbons (monkeys) a girl from this school said "That's what I was sayin' about". It hurt to type that. Maybe some children should be left behind? Just sayin'....

Our next stop was the safari because it only had a 10 minute (if that) wait. I couldn't believe how fast we got on the ride. My kiddos are old pros at the safari now and will narrate it for you. If you happen to be in a safari truck with us, you are in for a treat. As we pulled away from the loading dock and were being held for clearance, Aaron looked around and asked "Are you ready? Are you ready?" and when the horn beeped he declared "Here we go!". Aaron then proceeded to point out every tree ("there it is!") and animal he could see. We saw a ton of animals yesterday, the most I think we've ever seen.

I think that might be our last trip until the fall (I think I said that last time we went too). It's just getting too hot, and that park always seems to be at least 10-15 degrees hotter.

Hope you're having a great start to your weekend!


confused homemaker said...

We love going to our local zoo, it's a great day trip. Looks like you guys had a blast.

Lizzie said...

Dishwashers should not have motherboards. It is just wrong.
Stopped by from SITS this morning, have a wonderful weekend!

alicia said...

Dishwashers have motherboards too? Who knew? Hope it gets fixed for ya soon. Love the pics! Looks like a fun family day.

monica said...

I love our local zoo also! Your seems very fun, sorry it's too hot in the summer there though. I am hoping for a fast fix for your dishwasher.

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