Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dear Mr. Whirpool....

Dear Mr. Whirlpool (I'm assuming you're a male, and no that does not make me sexist, it makes me a woman, therefore right 99.9% of the time),

I am writing to inform you of a problem we are having with our dishwasher that we purchased a year and a half ago. It stopped working. Yes, just boom! stopped working. There was no warning and had it not been for the pool of water in the base of the unit I would never have noticed.

May I ask you, sir, how this is possible after only one year and six months? Did you think I didn't purchase the extended warranty and that maybe you would get me to buy another dishwasher? Again Mr. Whirpool, I am a woman, I plan ahead and believe in Murphy's Law. How can this brand spanking new dishwasher die after 18 months of factory made (I'm hoping American made) life when that piece o' crap generic washer and dryer I have are still kicking after almost 10 years of life? How Mr. Whirpool, how?

Now I know this letter is seeming harsh, but seriously, what gives man? I get it, I use my dishwasher a lot (like 2-3 times a day), but I take care of it. I give it baths, I wipe down the front, sure it may have lost a button (should have been a warning sign), but it was doing well.

All I'm asking Mr. Whirpool is that you make a quality product that stays true to what it says it will do. If you feel you cannot do this, I will write Mrs. Whirpool and she can discuss it with you, every day and every night until it's fixed.

Kind Regards,



MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

This is great...if only Mrs. Whirlpool would get involved in the conversation, I'm sure everything would work itself out, right? :)

On a serious note, we just had a major issue with our Whirlpool washer. It was 2 1/2 years old, and a major part of the mechanism broke. The service person advised us it would be cheaper to buy a new washer...and that one cost over $1000!

My husband was RELENTLESS with the Whirlpool people. He talked to one person, then another, then another. He did the "guilt trip" approach, questioning why a quality brand name would allow for such major issues. I think they first offered us 15% (or something) off the purchase of a new machine, and then 25%. By the time my husband made the rounds, the only thing we had to pay was the cost of the repair service, which was $200. Whirlpool paid for all the parts, which was about $600.

This definitely took some time (I think my hubby was home for Spring Break so he was able to devote some resources to the cause), but it was worth it in our case.

Good luck!

alicia said...

Maybe it's time to mail that letter. Sorry it's crapped out. I HATE appliances that suck, ie everything in my house right now.

Dakotapam said...

Ours just stopped working one day as well. I still need to replace it. We do a lot of dishes...I have six kids! I'm just glad the twins breastfeed because if I had to add sixteen bottles to the mix every day i'd go loony!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Ah, yes, I know your pain. Frigidaire sucks - our stove, I think we are on #3 now, UGH! Love your letter!

CrazySimpleLife said...

I'm your newest follower from BlogFrog!!


Christine Lucas said...

That is horrible. My sister worked for Whirlpool years ago. I must ask her what brand dishwasher she has now? I say get those babies some gloves and start them washing early. Washing dishes encourages motor skills. That's what I hear. I wouldn't know. I shove all that I can in our dishwasher to avoid that task.

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