Thursday, July 8, 2010

100 things to do before I'm 100...

....AKA My Bucket List (in no particular order)

This is part of Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop (my first one!). I'm going to link it up in the sidebar so you can check the status of what I've actually done.

  1. Go to mass in the Vatican, St. Peter's Basilica to be specific
  2. If I make it to the Vatican, naturally I would love to have an audience with the Pope
  3. Renew marriage vows in the Catholic Church
  4. Take a vacation to wine country 
  5. Prepare an entire weeks worth of meals that are 100% organic
  6. Own an Hermes scarf, and actually wear it
  7. Go to Disneyland
  8. Finish my degree  (Completed January 2012)
  9. Get a masters degree
  10. Take a professional cooking class
  11. See a musical/play on Broadway
  12. Go to India and dress in a traditional sari
  13. Walk the Champs-Élysées while sipping fantastic wine (legal to drink on the street?) and eating smelly French cheese (all while wearing an Hermes scarf, naturally)
  14. Survive toddlerhood with twins (Completed, let's see how those preschool years go)
  15. Get my wisdom teeth pulled and re-straighten my teeth
  16. Train and run a 5K (Completed, several times)
  17. If I survive a 5K, train for a half marathon and run one  (Completed February 27, 2011!)
  18. Find a charity I'm passionate about and volunteer on a regular basis. (Completed, but really, that's never completed)
  19. Revisit Washington DC (Completed, June 2013)
  20. Re-paint the inside of the house
  21. Pay off my student loans before I'm 100 (lol seriously it seems like it will take that long)
  22. Go on a retreat at the San Pedro Center with Scott
  23. See the Nutcracker Ballet 
  24. Go to the opera
  25. Go to Shakespeare in the park
  26. Hear the Firebird Suite live by an amazing orchestra
  27. Go to the Louvre and see everything that can be seen no matter how many days it takes
  28. Take Scott to a Notre Dame game, when it's cold
  29. Write our will (seriously we haven't done that yet) Completed October 2010!
  30. Learn to play golf
  31. Learn to play tennis (mainly so I can wear the cute outfit. Shallow? Possibly...)
  32. Take a photography class
  33. Run a race with Scott
  34. Run a race as a family
  35. Learn to play piano
  36. Have a girls only weekend at the beach, no husbands, no kids.
  37. Finish Aaron and Jill's baby books
  38. Learn French
  39. Re-learn Italian
  40. Use the aforementioned languages without needing "liquid courage"
  41. Go to the Super Bowl
  42. Go to the Kentucky Derby with the sole purpose of wearing a gigantic hat and drinking a mint julep.
  43. Make pasta from scratch
  44. Make sauce from scratch to go with the pasta from scratch Completed!
  45. Help grant a wish with the Make a Wish Foundation
  46. Visit Poland and dig through old records to see if I can find information on my family
  47. Have my picture taken in front of the church that I believe my great grandparents were married in in Poland. That is, if it wasn't destroyed during any of the wars.
  48. Go to Oktoberfest in Germany
  49. Make a list of 100 books that I want to read (or re-read) and read them (see list here)
  50. Learn how to operate Scott's grill (and not be afraid I'm going to blow up while using it)
  51. Visit the Anne Frank house
  52. Re-start the tradition of breaking the oplatek on Christmas Eve (read about it here and here). I remember doing it once with my family and it's one of my favorite memories.
  53. Go to Hawaii
  54. Visit Pearl Harbor
  55. Have something I have written published (Completed, I've been published in Multiplicity Magazine)
  56. Be a vegetarian for a week
  57. Take Jillian to her first musical
  58. Eat at the restaurant of a Top Chef (masters or regular) winner
  59. Travel somewhere by train (and not like from the suburbs to the city, like a real trip)
  60. Learn how to hem pants (seriously I cannot do it to save my life)
  61. Have my wedding dress cleaned and boxed (yup, haven't done that yet)
  62. Learn how to make my Godmother's cinnamon rolls
  63. Have my eyebrows threaded instead of waxed, I heard it's awesome and you will never go back
  64. Attend a taping of SNL
  65. Take a cooking class with Scott
  66. See Cirque du Soleil's Love
  67. Make Polish sausage from scratch with my Dad's recipe Completed December 2010!
  68. Be able to have over 20 people in my house for a holiday dinner, make all the food from scratch and have the kitchen look like it was barely touched just like my Mom does every year
  69. Attend an Olympic event
  70. Attend an actual yoga class, for at least a month
  71. Be able to eat properly with chopsticks (if you have never seen me eat with chopsticks it's the funniest thing you will ever see)
  72. Go to Las Vegas
  73. Sit behind home plate at a White Sox game
  74. Make my own pie crust from scratch (completed on August 29, 2010!)
  75. Have dinner at Victoria and Albert's....once
  76. Go to a murder mystery dinner party
  77. Complete my China set
  78. Have a professional photo taken of my entire family (All 6 kids, my parents and all 12 grandkids)
  79. Dip my toes in the Pacific Ocean
  80. Have a German Shepherd
  81. Take a weekend trip to St. Augustine with the family
  82. Take a weekend trip to Savannah, just Scott and I
  83. Eat at Lady and Sons while in Savannah
  84. Own an actual Kinkade
  85. Own a strand of opera length pearls, just because
  86. Attend the Women's Conference that is hosted by Maria Shriver
  87. See the Grand Canyon
  88. Try Moroccan food, I've heard it's pretty yummy but have always been nervous about trying it (Completed at 2010 Food and Wine!)
  89. Take a trip to the Keys (in all the years I've lived here, I've never been)
  90. Learn how to use a sewing machine
  91. Buy an obscenely expensive purse and not feel an ounce of guilt about it
  92. Buy a pair of shoes I love in Nordstrum and not look at the price
  93. Take Aaron to his first baseball game
  94. Write each of my kids a letter every year until they go to college and give them to them on the day we move them into their dorm
  95. Volunteer at the Special Olympics
  96. Shake hands with a President (current or former, I am not picky)
  97. Grow an herb garden and learn to properly dry herbs
  98. Wear toe shoes and stand on my toes
  99. Have Joe Zee of Elle magazine pick out an outfit for me and wear it, no matter how outrageous
  100. Sit around a fire and make s'mores with my kids


Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I'm afraid of lighting the grill, too. I also love Make a Wish and D.C.

Excellent list!

Angie said...

Love it!

Re: the Anne Frank house--I've been. All the staircases throughout are very steep and narrow, and I was so worried I'd fall (you're looking at the original Miss Grace right here). Made it through the whole house, then proceeded to fall down the front steps (which are thoroughly normal, not steep, and fairly modern) in front of a group of tourists waiting to get in. They burst into applause.

Re: making pasta and pie crust from scratch: have done both, and while it's kind of fun, I've decided that Pilsbury pie crust will do just fine. As for pasta, homemade from our local pasta specialty place. My ravioli tasted great, but man, it was UGLY.

Love the list!

Steph said...

Great list!! Hahahaha I haven't cleaned my wedding dress yet either!

Beth said...

great list! I am completely with you on #1 & #2
#33 I would also love, but we are running out of time!
#50 I am terrified of lighting the grill. I'm convinced I will walk away with no eyebrows!
#94 Great idea. Very sweet, made me cry.

Jennifer said...

#29, We totally need to do that as well.

#51, I've been there. I had to leave because it was so sad that I couldn't take it. After you got you need to eat pancakes at the pancake house next to the Anne Frank house. Best pancakes ever.

Hayley said...

Great list! I always meant to have my wedding dress cleaned... then I gave it away to a family friend because I figured it would never get done... and then I got divorced. Huh.

You've got a lot of traveling to do! Vegas is awesome. Plan a long weekend at least, or you'll never see everything :)

Uyen said...

damn! I thought I was the only one on earth who didn't know how to hem a pair of pants! :P Awesome list!

stopping by from mama kat's

Old School/New School Mom said...

I love this! You have to go to Shakespeare in the Park! It's so much fun!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Wow! That is an awesome list!
I "heart" #18!!! You are the sweetest! I would love that too!
We need to make a will too (we have a rough draft but nothing legalized)
Anne Frank's house - awesome idea.
#14 - Ha! You will!
#31 - Me too (same reason too!) Maybe when we meet up - we can take a tennis lesson! : )
Awesome list! Going to check out the 100 books.

Christa said...

I've done 1 and 2 it was pretty awesome!

Anonymous said...

I think this list needs to be updated!!!

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