Friday, July 9, 2010

What in the world is going on over here?!

Today has definitely been a WTF?!/totally random kind of a day. Please bear with me in this post...(ps you have been warned, just sayin')

This morning I had my yearly sun-spot check at the dermatologist. Ever since moving to Florida it's become extremely important that someone with vampire-esque skin tone should have their skin checked every year. I like my derm, she has boy girl twins as well. She also promises every time I see her that it gets easier, I wonder if she's lying. So today I told her about this bump I have on the top of my head. It doesn't hurt, doesn't itch, just annoying and kind of well ugly. She looked at it, said it was probably a cyst caused by product buildup from shampoo, conditioner, etc. I'm thinking to myself, "ok, no big deal, we can talk about removal at some other point and time". Now what I thought and what happened are two completely different things. She said, quite matter of factly by the way, "Oh I'll just shave off the top of the bump and remove the cyst." Ok, do you know where the top of your head is? It's where your BRAIN is! So there I am with a needle in my head so they can numb the area and you know just shave a little off the top. AH! She did her thing and the bump is gone but oh my God. I'm traumatized, seriously.

So that happened, great way to start my morning. I definitely deserved a Starbucks run, agreed? And the real stuff, not some tea latte like I have been getting. I wanted the full on caffeine, possibly double shot, deluxe, biggest size ya got. It was delicious by the way and made everything seem so much better.

I get home and begin finalize my grocery list and Scott was cutting the rainforest that seemed to have grown in our yard. Apparently feeling extra motivated he decided to trim the small tree in our backyard. Now, I've mentioned before that we have a wasp problem. When we had the big tree trimmed the guy found a wasp nest the size of a softball (he also got stung three times, I didn't feel bad, does that make me a bad person?), so it is safe to assume that the other tree would be harboring terrorists as well, no? Now I have no idea what made me look out the window at this time, but, the look on Scott's face when he discovered the nest that had "at least 20 wasps, swear to God" was priceless (him jumping backwards and doing a slight arm flail was just icing on the cake). I wish I had video, I really do. I decided this was the time I needed to flee and hit the grocery store.

Upon my return from the store I noticed the air conditioner guy was here. We've been having an issue with our unit, it drips water in the main vent, so the guy was coming back to clean everything out and hopefully it would stop. Our warranty company decided that it was homeowner error because we don't have our unit serviced every year and we would be responsible for the cost ($430 in case you were wondering). Whatever, it had to get done, I mean I cannot imagine trying to survive a Florida summer sans AC. There is not a deodorant strong enough to mask that smell. So after 3 hours of repairing (sans AC, during the hottest part of the day, we are so smart) it's still leaking. Turns out it was the pan on the unit. It's all rusted out. The guy was really bummed that it wasn't what he thought and get this, didn't charge us. I swear to God! We asked what we owed him and he said nothing since he didn't fix the problem. Who does that? Needless to say that man has our business and possible a few dozen cookies for life.

Since the house was still warm we decided to take the kiddos to the library. I completely forgot that the library closes early on Fridays (apparently librarians like to party it up on the weekends or something), so I just ran in real quick and got the kiddos some new books. This didn't go over too well with the kiddos that were just promised we were going to the library, or as Aaron calls it, the house. So we decided to go to Downtown Disney for a little bit. We let the kids run around the playground by the Lego store. They had a blast:

The fun, unfortunately, was cut short because my little Southern gentleman decided to walk up to a little girls block tower and push it down. He did say sorry though, so that counts for something.

Can I tell you how ready I am for bed? This has been the most crazy, slightly insane, warm day ever. I hope you at least found it comical. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Hayley said...

WOW what a day you had!

That's awesome that he didn't charge you. I wish more people were like that these days.

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