Friday, July 2, 2010

Adorable? Not so much really.....

We enrolled the kiddos in our local library's summer reading program a week or so ago. Basically, you simply need to read to your kids for 15 minutes a day for 7 weeks (super easy since we read all the time over here). For every week they complete they get to pick a prize, and if they complete any of the bonuses they get extra prizes. The bonuses are reading specific types of books (example, an Eric Carle book) or attending library events (see: epic fail).
The kiddos are really loving this, as we are going to the library multiple times a week to check out books. I'm loving this because it gives me a chance to check out some books without shelling out $20 and then finding out it's not such a great book. Example:

We picked out the book I'll Always Love You. Sounds adorable, right? It's about a young boy and his love for his dog. I thought, oh how sweet, the kids love their dog, this will be great! We sat down to read it and things were going fine until we got towards the end of the book. Do you see where this is going? Yup, the dog DIES! I'm reading along and got to that part and slammed it shut. I may as well have just put Old Yeller on, would have gotten the same effect. I'm still slightly traumatized, in case you were wondering.

But one of our favorites (and when I saw our I really mean my) is A Tree for Emmy.

It is such an adorable story and I truly think it should be renamed A Tree for Jilly. I see this one being purchased in our near future. It's about a girl, Jilly Emmy and her love of her Gramma's mimosa tree (did you think what I thought, trees that sprinkle orange juice and champagne?). Her Gramma describes the tree as tall, wild and stubborn just like Jilly Emmy.

I'm loving that the kids are into going to the library, now if I can just get over to the adult section that would even better!

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend everyone!

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