Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm raising future yuppies, no seriously

Since it's pretty much a million degrees outside from sun up until a few hours after sun down and water gets dull after a while I have found a super yummy cool treat for myself, Starbuck's Tazo Passion Tea Lemonade. It's sooooooo yummy and I feel refreshed afterward, and when I say refreshed I mean I feel like my brain hasn't just melted into a pile of goo. There's only one problem with my yummy caffeine free treat:

I'm lucky if I get half of it. Both of the kiddos LOVE this drink, and I don't mind them having it since it's caffeine free. Jill even cries when it's empty (I cry on the inside as well) and poor Aaron is lucky if he can pry the cup out of Jill's hands long enough to take two sips.

So if you're keeping score on if my kids will end up being yuppie snobs, tack this one on the snob side, oh and add that they now say "bravo" after any musical number.

PS: Happy Birthday to my favorite Aunt that lives in South Carolina! Hope it's a great day Aunt Eunice!!!

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