Friday, July 30, 2010

The day I lost my Mommy card

Now that we are in the terrible twos it doesn't take much for me to question my parenting abilities. Like when you're leaving an establishment and one, or both, of your children go completely limp and practically kick and scream the entire way out and you have to do that "oh ha ha ha" look of sheer panic, I immediately question it then (I'm a nervous laugh-er by the way, laughed through my entire wedding). Yesterday took the cake though.

So remember two weeks ago when Jill was running a fever and has some CLEAR snot coming out of her nose? Well the snot was still here two weeks later, still clear, still being wiped on my leg as I would walk by (yuck-o). Then the other day the boogers were green, not the snot running out, just the boogers. I decided to call my pediatrician and see if we should bring her in. My pediatrician was on vacation so I had to see one of the others in the practice.

I pretty much immediately became annoyed the minute we got there because the receptionist reminded me that there is a balance on the account from when we only had emergency insurance. Scott is trying to fight it because we paid all of those visits out of pocket the day of treatment, so why would there be extra money due? I politely told her next subject please. I seriously said it, and maybe rolled my eyes when I walked away which I should watch or I will have two new sets of eyes rolling back at me.

We finally get back to the room and Jill is like a raccoon, she's in and on everything. Sometimes I wonder if Aaron has to be there to chill her out. The doctor comes in and pretty much says "Well yeah she has an infection she's had a runny nose for 2 weeks, that's too long". What was that sound? Oh yeah the slap to my mommy card, it actually may have gone through the shredder. So I said, "Well it's been clear all of this time and I knew you were just going to tell me to use the cold air humidifier". "But two weeks is entirely too long you should have brought her in." I mean I get it, two weeks with snot is a little excessive, but so is paying $20 for you to tell me to turn on a cold air humidifier when her snot is clear.

Jill's on some antibiotics now that will hopefully clear it up and help me gain back my mommy card. The jury is still out on if I should just call for every little sniffle and/cough to prove a point.


MommaDawn said...

yah so i am quite sure they your pedi does not rush to take their child to the pedi for a runny nose and our pedi tells us that green boogies can be a sign of allergies not necessarily infection- Sooo BAM here is your Mommy card back ;)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I think it's so hard to know when the kiddos really need to go to the pediatrician. On one hand, I should probably just err on the side of caution...but I'm also weighing what kind of funk they might catch from the waiting room, which could easily be worse than the "possible funk" they have. :)

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