Friday, August 20, 2010

College fund? More like therapy fund....

We went to Downtown Disney the other night to meet up with my brother Chris and sister in law Pam for dinner. For once in our life post twins we were really early (if you have twins or more you know this does not happen often) so we had a chance to let the kids run around in the Lego playground. They had actually just opened it because it was too hot earlier in the day, so nobody was there, which was perfection.

Notice how Aaron is sliding, my sister Cathy calls this the reverse Superman. He does it every single time he slides, I have no idea why. Aaron was also a super big boy and climbed the rock wall they have there without any help. Jill was content walking up the stairs and going down the slide. Naturally, she smiled and made sure everyone was watching when she went down the slide. I have a serious diva on my hands.

After they played for a while we thought it would be better to go cool down somewhere, I mean it is only 100 degrees without the humidity outside. As we were walking around Jill spotted "the pretty" aka Cinderella. Jill and Aaron both ran over and gave the statue tons of hugs.

Do you see how tan my children are? Definitely not a gene that was inherited from me. It's probably that not-enough-of-a-fraction-to-get-a-scholarship Cherokee that they have. Lucky kids.

We ended up having dinner at T-Rex which is a favorite of mine because the kids can be loud and nobody cares. Genius I tell ya! The only problem is Aaron was not a fan, at all. He laid in my lap the entire time. I know he got spooked the last time we went to Rainforest Cafe, giant animatronic gorillas can do that to a kid, but I thought we'd be ok at T-Rex. Not so much. He was crying the second we walked in. He survived though and I just went ahead and added another $5 to his therapy fund for when he's older. Really, it's the least I can do at this point.

Minus Aaron not having a great time, dinner was good. Jill talked the entire time (I know Cathy the apple doesn't fall far from the tree blah blah blah) and reminded everyone that there were in fact trees above us, in case we missed that.

I'm wondering though, how can I get Aaron over the fear of these restaurants? Any tips?


Jessa (bipolararmywife) said...

You know, some kids just don't like crowds. My son is a lot more shy the my daughter and in a crowd it's very obvious. Eventually it won't be an issues as far as him getting overly upset, so just give him to grow out of it. :)

Krystyn said...

Sure looks like Jill enjoyed herself..Aaron will come around.

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