Friday, August 27, 2010

The day I stood in line

Last night I went to Aveda's Fall Customer Appreciation Event thinking they actually performed the services that night. I was pretty pumped since I am in desperate need of a cut and color. When I got to Aveda there was already a line of like 20 people. Say what?! Well turns out you can only pre-book appointments at the discounted rate and buy products at the discounted rate that night. Um, ok. So after being bummed about this I decided to participate in my all time favorite activity, people watching. Oh it was good.

While in line outside (in jeans because I thought I'd be inside the whole time) the woman, that's using the word loosely, behind me is talking rather loudly to her friends and this is how it went down:

"Like I have an iPhone but like ya know like I totally like ya know don't need it, I mean really it's just like a phone, ya know? I mean I don't even use the internet on it, I mean like ya know why would I like ya know want to use internet on my phone ya know? Plus I don't like AT&T and ya know they have the iPhone until like I don't know like 2011 or 2012 or like 2013 or something like that, but ya know, ya know?"

I thought my head was going to explode, like OMG. Now aside from all the "like ya know's" and such why would someone buy an iPhone and then not use it? And if you don't like AT&T why would you get a phone that is exclusively sold through them that you don't even use and/or like?! The fact that I managed to retain brain cells astounds me, it really does.

I had to tune this chick out after about 2 minutes because I feared permanent damage, so I focused on the mother/twin daughter combo ahead of me. The one girl was apparently thinking of getting her hair cut and was unsure about it. You would have thought they were discussing some life altering event the way they were talking about what really only sounded like a trim. It's hair, it grows back. As long as your not chopping off your shoulder length hair into a pixie cut, it's not a "life changing" event. Just sayin'....

By the way this was just in the 10 minutes I was standing outside of the salon. I'm going back today to get my hair cut/colored which will make the 20% discount on the services pointless because I'm about to spend it in gas. Sigh, but like ya know OMG.


Anonymous said...

lol, Wow.. just wow. I enjoy watching people too. Cause I always come home with a smile and realize my children are pretty well behaved and my husband isn't a moron. =)(well not all the time)

Great that you got your hair done! You should get a picture of the back and show us =)
I need to get mine done too. Long hair on a over 35 something woman just looks You know...

Old School/New School Mom said...

Well, she's right about AT&T, it sucks. But She sounds like a moron. I would have wanted to stab her.

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