Friday, August 13, 2010

Dear Rain,

Dear Rain,

Seriously, you are cramping my style. While I appreciate the fact that you are knocking one chore off my list (watering the garden that is half dead anyway) you are making it insanely humid and therefore no fun.

While we are having this chat may I ask you a question? Why must you show up every single time I go grocery shopping? No, really, why? Especially when I'm at the checkout line or loading my groceries in my car. Not cool rain, not cool.

Also, do you realize my children move SLOWER in the rain? I'm sure you do. They move as if molasses is raining down on them, not water.

So in conclusion, Rain, home girl, sister friend, take a few days off, you deserve it. Plus, I kind of miss my friend Mr. Sun.


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