Monday, August 23, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday: The Hills are Alive......

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We had a pretty busy, and wet, weekend. It's been raining every afternoon the past few days, and not just for an hour, but all day. While appreciate the rain for my green peppers, since that's all that has survived, and our grass, that looks like a rainforest, I would like an afternoon sans rain. I'd also like my grass to finally dry out so it can be cut, there is nothing more disgusting that grass hitting your ankles while you load one of your kids in the car.

Yesterday ended up being more relaxed than we originally planned. Scott had to get his oil changed, and on a Sunday this takes time. So, he was gone most of the morning. Our lunch plans changed and the kids decided to nap for 3 hours, seriously 3 hours. By the time they woke up the rain started coming down so any plans we had made were now out of the question.

We decided to spend our day coloring and watching movies, well a movie, one of my favorites, The Sound of Music. I wasn't sure if the kids would like it since it's not animated and it's super long. Surprisingly they did, Jill even clapped and said "Bravo" after all musical numbers.

Like Aaron's hat? He's all about it lately. If you notice Jill is in her nightgown, over her clothes. We seriously need some dress up clothes so we are not wearing last nights pj's all over the house again.

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Steph said...

I will have to try showing my girls The Sound of Music sometime! Glad your kiddos liked it! Hope it stops raining soon.

Mama Ko said...

They looks so behave. I wish my kids could stay like that in one day hehe.

mama hall said...

What a great way to make the most of the weekend!

Krystyn said...

So fun! And, the cowboy hat is awesome.

Sarah said...

That's what I love most about little kids - their sense of style! ;)

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