Friday, October 29, 2010

"Do you want a monster to come out of your closet?"

A lot's been going on this week. Yesterday I went to the dermatologist to have the, as my cousin refers to it, hole in my head, checked. I was all pumped for him to say it's fine and that if I didn't mind having the cyst there it could stay. Wrong. It has to come out, but at least it's not infected so it will be a much easier procedure. This also means I will have a bald spot on top of my head a lot longer than I anticipated. Good thing I watch Jerseylicious on Style and can properly tease that area of my hair. Thank you Tracy, thank you.

The kids are doing so great! I'm literally amazed with the things they come up with now. Let's start with the princess.

No, not her Halloween costume, apparently this is everyday wear when you are as cute as her. She's a big fan of Monsters Inc and we have seriously watched it a million times, I don't even think I'm exaggerating. Anyway, Scott was putting her down for her nap the other day and apparently she pointed to the closet and said "monster!". Scott asked her if she wanted a monster to come out and what does my darling say? "Yes!" This is also the child that wants an apple when she is watching/reading Snow White. I'm definitely going to have my hands full....

Now onto my Bubba man, Mr. Aaron....

He's a smart little you know what. He also has superhero like senses. The kid can hear/spot a helicopter or airplane from Kansas, I swear. We were heading to SeaWorld a while back and Aaron starting saying "helicopter! helicopter!". Scott and I (real safe, right?) are both looking out the window trying to figure out where this helicopter is. Aaron even told us what color it was and we still hadn't even found it. I swear this helicopter was miles away, I have no idea how he saw it.

He's also working really hard on signing his numbers and ABC's. Granted his ABC's pretty much look like either a B, D or A, but I love that he wants to do it.

We also broke out the paints the other day. Jill LOVES when we paint, she did at least 6 pictures, and she pretty much covered each page in paint. Aaron likes it, just not as much as Jill. Plus, Aaron takes his time and really puts a lot into what he's doing. Jill just plows through her paintings.

Don't you love it? Crafts are definitely becoming a lot more fun over here. We even colored pumpkins the other day. I'm looking into fun Thanksgiving themed crafts that we can work on so we can display them at Thanksgiving dinner with my family.

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