Saturday, October 30, 2010

SITS Halloween Party Day 1!

I'm playing along with the SITS Girls this weekend and doing posts about all things Halloween. Today is all about your favorite Halloween memory.

When my parents came down for the kiddos birthday they brought a whole bunch of old photos that my grandparents had of me and this gem was in there:

That had to be from my second Halloween, so I'm probably 1 1/2ish? There was also this one:

I'm thinking this is my third Halloween so 2 1/2 ish? I also think the fact that I was dressed as a clown twice is why I have a fear of them. Just sayin'....

Moving along to the witch phase:

My MOM wanted me to post this. She apparently thinks this photo is hilarious. Can I just say I had no idea witches had orange faces? I thought they were green...

That's all I have from my photo collection, I mean I have the ones from college, but uh, yeah we'll skip those.

Now here are my favorite Halloween memories:

Aren't they adorable?! I love being able to relive Halloween through the kids!

Be sure to head over to SITS to play along in the Halloween party for your chance to win a Canon Rebel Ti2!


Shell said...

Aw, you were such a cute clown!

And I just love baby halloween pics, too. Precious.

Veronica Lee said...

Happy Halloween!

Have a wonderful weekend!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

At a quick glance, you can really see Jill's resemblance to you in the witch picture...very cool!

And definitely one of the great joys in life (which I didn't even know to anticipate) is experiencing childhood again through your kids. :)

Hope you have a great Halloween!

Christine said...

Your pictures are adorable, but those babies of yours are so cute I might faint. Happy Halloween!

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