Friday, October 22, 2010

Jilly: The Bride of Frankenstein?

My parents like to send the kiddos the musical toys from Hallmark at the holidays. For some reason Jill loves these things, and I mean LOVES them. So yesterday when we got the Halloween one, that Aaron has yet to even breath on let alone touch, Jill was off and running with her new friend, Frankenstein.

Let me also say that since day one Jill has always liked strange stuffed animals. We went to Rainforest cafe with my parents when they were like 6 months old and Jill picked out these stuffed monkeys for her and Aaron, but really her, and they are hands down the ugliest monkeys I've ever seen.

Jill loves her Frankenstein though, or as she calls him YaYa. She played with him all day yesterday. YaYa even went on the swings:

He went down the slides, he ran around and even played underneath the clubhouse:

Have I mentioned that he sings and dances? Oh yeah, to the Monster Mash. Jill dances along now too and says "I do the mash!"

Frankenstein even went to bed with her last night and is currently in the bean bag with her having some milk.

Thank you again Busia and Dzia Dzio, Jilly and YaYa are two very happy peas in a pod!

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I used to love the Monster Mash as a kid...that's too cute!

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